Desert Plant cactus set of 6


Desert Plants Cactus by ALESSANDRA BALDERESCHI borosilicate glass, handmade, lampwork finished

H 22 - DIAM 9

Capacità cl35

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The Desert Plants Cactus Ichendorf Milano decorated stemmed wine glass is the latest creation designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for Ichendorf to expand the Desert Plants line of glasses, jugs and bottles.

Complete set of 6 wine glasses consisting of 6 assorted glasses with 6 different ones: green, blue, pink, light blue, yellow and amber.

Tall, original, a little rebellious, the Desert Plants Cactus Ichendorf decorated stemmed wine glass will give a joyful and surprising touch to your table. An elegant and ironic way to respect wine tasting without taking yourself too seriously!

The transparency and lightness of borosilicate glass gives elegance to the glass creating a design creation. The glass used by Ichendorf is blown borosilicate glass also suitable for hot liquids and dishwasher safe. Thanks to a special processing, it does not fear thermal changes, having a low expansion coefficient, thus ensuring durability and resistance.

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