Aldemaro Galletti, family-run since 1931, offers many hand made items made by italian artisans.

Tradition, integrity and quality are the first things that my father taught me from his grand father.

I passed it on to my daughters, reaching the fourth generation.

Since 1931, at our location in Borgo Ognissanti (birthplace of Alessandro Filipepi known worldwide as Botticelli) allows us to “breathe” every day a bit of Florentine history.

The people who walk into our store are friends, not clients. Thanks to this philosophy, we have friends all over the world with which we still have a sincere report made easier by the modern means of communication.

Galletti means 100% Italy. From the start, we have exclusively offered the best products of Florentine and Italian craftsmen

We have tried to pass along our principles even through this web site, which offers you a panorama of artistic pieces. However, we could not include all of our products, but for purchases or inquiries please we are at your disposal through the “contact” section of this website.

Enjoy the “virtual” visit to our store, and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you, You are always welcome.

Giovanna Galletti

The Puppy is SOLVAY, our mascotte!